Imali is a semi-wild cat who was just about to produce her kittens when she came into the care of the KWWSPCA. She was fostered by our Volunteer Animal Welfare Officer, Shauna, and very soon after produced three healthy kittens. About three weeks later, she and her foster Mother had a bit of a tussle because Imali decided to adopt five more kittens, which had been abandoned by their own mother and were being hand fed by Shauna. Every time a kitten was fed and put back in its bed, Imali would pick it up and put it into her own bed with her own three kittens. In the end Imali won the fight and took into her care all five orphaned kittens, so she now had 8 to look after. Then a few days later, three more kittens arrived and she took them in as well!! She now has 11 babies to mind and is doing a fantastic job: they all seem to get on well together and of course, love the comfort of all the company. Shauna has to hand feed them all now, to make sure they get enough to eat, but they seem to be doing well so far.

Imali and her 11 babies

The kittens will be looking for new homes when they are about 8 weeks old. Imali herself will be neutered when the time is right and then will be looking for a new home as well. (There is an €80 rehoming fee when a cat or a kitten is rehomed, to cover some of the veterinary costs; the cats will have been neutered, vaccinated and wormed and the fee covers the future neutering costs of the kittens.)