Will Gabrielle even get one share or one offer of a home? Because she’s a ONE EYED cat, maybe nobody will want her.  This is Gabrielle. She’s had such a tough life. To start out, she had a deformed eye, but has full sight in her good eye. She was found, with kittens, in a wet cardboard box. She was absolutely starved and had cat flu.People have been saying that she has had litter after litter of kittens, all of whom have died. Gabrielle was taken to a foster home and was given the best of care. She has recovered, gained weight, and has been spayed, so she will never suffer another litter again. Despite what she has lived through, she is a very sweet girl …she is affectionate and gentle and just wants to be loved. Can you see the beauty in this little girl and be happy to welcome her into your home? This kitty deserves a chance of a good life after everything she has been through. We think she is amazing. A rehoming fee of €80 applies to partly offset veterinary costs.
PLEASE PLEASE give Gabrielle the life she deserves…don’t reject her because she has one eye, after all none of us are perfect.  Contact 0872517381 for details.