Bambi is a four to five month old, female, lurcher puppy who has recently come into our care.  She didn’t have a very good start to her young life, coming into care with an injured leg, possible mange and very underweight.  However, she has been in a foster home now for a few weeks and she is really doing well.  Her leg injury has healed, her fur is growing back into a glossy coat and she is putting on weight.  We are now looking for a home for her.  She has not had much training and as she is still so young, she will need to go to a home where there would be someone at home with her for most of the day.  She is a very intelligent dog and seems to learn commands quickly, so with the right owner and the right training, she should soon become a well behaved part of a family. She will need a home with a very secure garden as she will be able to jump quite high.  She is very bouncy and has not yet learned that her baby teeth are quite sharp, so she would not suit a home with young children.  We would not recommend her to a home with cats. For more information about Bambi or if you think you could offer her a permanent or a foster home, please call 087 6803295.