Buck (Reserved)

Buck has been reserved.  Buck is a pure bred flat back Bedlington Terrier  from the couch common line who is now in our care. He is around 7 years old. He came to us with Lulu, a female of about 4-5 years old, and their daughter Peggy, 2.5 years old. He loves his walks and is good on the lead. While initially a bit wary, he soon warms up to new people and is a friendly gentle boy. He will be long haired, but had to be clipped as his coat was in bad condition. He doesn’t like chickens or rabbits, and has not been cat tested. He is neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. If you would like to meet him with a view to adoption please contact 0871279835 or email kwwspca@gmail.com. We ask for a minimum donation of €130 to partly offset veterinary expenses, a licence and tag are required to complete the adoption and a home check applies.