Geppetto (Booked)

Geppetto is a young whippet/lurcher. He is about 9 months old. He is lovable, quiet, gentle, playful, friendly and loyal. He loves his walks…he is very good on the lead and should be very easy to train off lead as he just wants to stay with his people and his dogs. He gets on very well with other dogs…he lives with a lurcher and a hound in his foster home, and shared his pen with four other dogs in the pound. He just wants to play with his doggy friends, or lie close to cuddle with them. He is very fond of his creature comforts, the couch being his favorite resting place most particularly when he can rest his head on your knee and have his ears stroked. He is extremely affectionate…his tail wags constantly when he is with you, and when you come into the room he is overjoyed to see you no matter how short a time you have been gone. He will suit a home where there is another dog for him to play with, or where there is someone to keep him company for a good part of the day. He could live anywhere as long as there is somewhere nice nearby where he can run and stretch his legs…once he gets a good walk or run he will happily laze around for the rest of the day. Because he is a young, playful dog he would probably best suit a home where there are no very young children in case he knocks them over. He travels well in the car.

Geppetto is looking forward to finding the perfect family who will give him as much love as he has to give to them. He is currently in a foster home so an appointment will be required to meed him if you are interested in giving him a home. He is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. We ask a minimum donation of €130 to partly offset veterinary fees. A license and tag are required, and a home visit is necessary. Please contact 0871279835 or email with expressions of interest.