Hello, everyone. I’m Jazz. I’m about a year old and my life has been a tough one…I found myself in the pound, where the wardens really loved me and took great care of me. They told the good folks at KWWSPCA that I am a great boy and that they will have no trouble getting a home for me because I am so friendly …I was really excited at the idea of going to the shelter because I was sure I would very soon meet my forever family who would take me home and love me. But this has not happened..I’ve been at the shelter for a long time now. Every time someone visits I try to look as cute as possible, but for some reason they just pass me by…they have not seen me cuddling on the kitchen couch, and snuggling up against my friends while they pet my head. They do not know how much love and affection I have to give…I get stressed when I am out in the runs and this makes me bark a bit, but when I am away from the stress of the other dogs, all the noise, hustle and bustle, I am a really affectionate and friendly boy. I mix well with other dogs but the shelter environment does not suit me and I need to get out of it. I got on so well with my Christmas foster carers that Dad even had me sleeping in his bed…this was just soooo nice. This is what my Christmas foster carer said about me:

We loved having this gorgeous boy for Christmas!! He really deserves such a loving home as he needs all the attention he will cuddle up to you and stay by your side for hours. He is eager to leave the shelter but calms down so quickly! All he wants is to be welcomed in to a family for life. Anyone would be honoured to take this boy.

Is there anyone out there for me? Someone that would take me for nice walks, cuddle me and love me…I will love you back unreservedly in return and you really won’t regret adopting me. I promise. Please come to meet me at the shelter and give me the chance I deserve……
Lots of love and licks, Jazz

Adoption Information

Jazz is chipped, vaccinated and neutered, and if you would like to meet him he is living at our shelter. If you are interested in adopting we ask a €130 donation to partly cover veterinary costs, a dog licence and tag are required to complete the adoption, and a home visit will be carried out. Please contact 0871279835 or email kwwspca@gmail.com with expressions of interest.