Jewel is a very pretty tri colour female collie. She was living at the KWWSPCA Animal Shelter until recently but she is now in a foster home where where she is getting much needed training. She is quickly learning how to live with a family and how to share her home with cats as well as other dogs.

This is what her foster carer says about her:

We have been fostering Jewel since mid December. She settled in quickly with our own dogs and rapidly was joining in with them playing outside. It took a lot of effort to get her adjusted to our cats but once we got both sides used to each other there were no problems. She still can be tempted to chase them if they run but this is just a game to her and she doesn’t harm them in any way. Jewel really enjoys playing outside she loves water and chasing balls or rope toys that are thrown for her racing the other dogs to see who gets it first. She likes an afternoon nap and cuddles. She is excellent on the leash and travels well in the car. Is is fully house trained and always looks to go out when she needs to toilet. Jewel is a very intelligent girl who would suit a home where she would get exercise and mental stimulation, she gets on great with other dogs and confident cats. She does need a firm voice on rare occasions to remind her to behave but mostly she gives no trouble. She would not suit a home where she would be left for long periods of time on her own.

Jewel has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated and is ready for her new home. We ask for a rehoming fee of 130 euro when we rehome a dog, to partly cover their veterinary and other costs, and a home check is needed. Call 087 1279835 or email if you would like more information about Jewel or think you could offer her a home.