When Kyrie first came into the care of the KWWSPCA last August (we named her Amazon at that time), it was with her litter of pups as this entire family had been disgracefully abandoned. They were all in a horrendous condition; dehydrated, very malnourished and covered in mange. The pups made an amazing recovery and were successfully rehomed and then Amazon herself found a lovely new home.

Unfortunately this lovely new home also has chickens and cats, which is a major problem as Kyrie is tormenting them by chasing them. We now need to find her a new “lovely home” without either chickens or cats. She gets on well with other dogs however.

Kyrie is a 3 year old Belgian Malinois and is a sweet girl who is playful, adores her rubs and chilling out on the couch. She’s had such a hard early life that it’s amazing she is as wonderful as she is. She’s affectionate and friendly but she can’t go to a home with small children as she is uncomfortable around them. She will need a home where she will get lots of exercise, mental stimulation and training. We are looking for an owner who has had experience of this breed or a similar breed and who will have the time to give her the sort of life she will need. She would not do well if left for long periods on her own and she would not be good as an outside dog or a guard dog.

Kyrie is fully vaccinated, microchipped (990000004131923) and neutered.

If you have an interest in adopting Kyrie, you can call 086 1751841 if more information is required OR you can please click on the following link to complete the ‘Expression of Interest Form’ and then return the completed form to

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If you have any difficulties accessing or completing the form, please call 087-6887136 or email There is more detailed information about how our adoption process works on our Adoption Process page.  There is an adoption fee of €200 when a dog is adopted to help cover some of our veterinary and other costs. A dog licence and collar tag need to be purchased before adoption and a home check will be organised.

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