If ever a dog was designed for a loving family it is Tigger. He’s a beautiful looking big rough coated lurcher whose main occupation is keeping the sofa warm. He’s approximately 3 years old. He loves lounging on the settee watching animal videos on Youtube and general cuddling. He is a keen ball chaser and likes to get out to say hello to people though can be nervous on first meet (I usually tell people to ignore him and then he quickly comes round to strokes and attention). He needs a fair amount of exercise; he loves to run and chase a ball which is an excellent way to use up his energy. He’s very fast, giving the local pheasants a run for their money. It’s all about the chase for him as he’s a very placid boy and he has good recall to his dog whistle.

He is a great communicator, and lets you know when he wants to go out to the toilet or to be walked or to stop working and have cuddle time on the settee. He is house trained and is a clean dog (he uses the dog flap very well). Tigger is a very sweet boy but he can be a little nervous of new places and he simply needs space to relax and reassurance if this might occur.

He has lived with other dogs bigger and smaller than him and loves to have a friend to play with and can get fretful being alone so he must have another dog for company. He would also be best in a home where you are not gone for the entire day. Though when you come home be prepared for lots of tail wagging and loving. He is an extremely loving dog. He must be an indoor dog. As he is quite big and bouncy he probably would be best in a home with slightly older children.

Tigger is in a foster home, therefore an appointment will be required to meet him. He is neutered, microchipped, and fully vaccinated. We ask a minimum donation of €130 to partly cover veterinary expenses. A dog license and tag are require to complete an adoption, and a home visit applies. With expressions of interest please contact 087 1279835 or email kwwspca@gmail.com.