Although the KWWSPCA receives a large part of its income from our Charity Shop, Noah’s Ark, from rehoming fees, from donations from both individuals and local businesses as well as a small annual grant from the Department of Agriculture, we also rely heavily on fund-raising activities to help fund our costs. You can help by joining some of these activities or hosting an activity yourself. Keep an eye on the KWWSPCA Events page and support an event if you can.

Organise your own event – Unfortunately, these events will have to wait until some of the Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted.

Get your family, friends, colleagues or classmates to support you and organise a fundraising event. Whatever you want to do, the KWWSPCA fundraising team will support you and offer you materials and resources to assist you. By organising an event you are making a valuable contribution to the KWWSPCA helping abused, neglected and abandoned animals in Ireland. The fundraising events can be lots of fun and a great occasion to catch up with friends and family. Coffee mornings, table quizzes, bag packs, head shaves, cake sales and sponsored dog walks are just a few of the ways you could help to raise money for the KWWSPCA.

KWWSPCA Collection Boxes

The KWWSPCA raises a considerable amount of money from its Collection Boxes in various locations in Kildare and West Wicklow. If you know someone who owns a retail outlet, or some other suitable location, or if you could persuade your local shop owner to take one, this would be of great value to the Society.  Call 087 6803295.

Set up a Facebook Fundraiser

An easy way to raise funds for the KWWSPCA is to set up a Facebook Fundraiser on the KWWSPCA Facebook page.  This can be for a birthday or another event, or to raise money for a particular purpose, such as to collect funds for the TNR (Trap, Neuter and Return) of the cats in your Estate or area where you live.

KWWSPCA Donation Cards

If you want to give a gift to someone who has everything, or who does not need or want anything, why not give them a donation card to say that you have donated money to the KWWSPCA instead of a giving them a birthday, wedding or Christmas present.  To find out more about these cards, please call/text 087 6750488.  These cards can be for any amount.

KWWSPCA Wedding Favour Cards

As your special day approaches, please spare a thought for the lives you could touch by having KWWSPCA Wedding Favour cards at your wedding. The KWWSPCA Wedding Favour Cards can be used as name cards on your tables. To find out more about KWWSPCA Wedding Favour Cards please call/text 087-6750488.