Godfrey is a very handsome male lurcher, about 5 years old, who is looking for a new home.  He was rehomed by the KWWSPCA about 4 years ago, after coming into our care as a cruelty case, but his owners are no longer in a position to give the time and the exercise that he really needs and are having to leave him for long periods on his own, which is not fair to him.  They are therefore reluctantly trying to find him a new home where his new owners will give the time, exercise and company that he so loves.  He is a lovely, kind, sweet natured dog.  He is very good with children, adults and other dogs. He craves a lot of attention and affection but is easy to please.  His only issue is that he can be nervous of strange men and barks and holds back until he feels he can trust them.  He is not aggressive but just gets nervous, probably being reminded of his earlier unpleasant treatment as a very young dog.  Godfrey has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  If you would like to find out more about Godfrey, or could offer him a home, please call 087 6803295.  At the moment he is living in County Mayo.  We ask for a minimum rehoming fee of €130 when we rehome a dog, a home check is needed and also a dog license has to be obtained before the dog can go to his new home (available for €20 from the Post Office or online from your local County Council).