Jewel is a very pretty tri-colour collie. She was originally rehomed by the KWWSPCA as a puppy but was returned about 9 months later as she was escaping from her home and chasing cats and chickens, and her owners were afraid that she might start chasing sheep. She was living at the KWWSPCA Animal Shelter until recently but she is now in a foster home where she getting much needed training. She is quickly learning how to live with a family and how to share her home with cats as well as other dogs. She can become very attached to one person, to the exclusion of everyone else, and also takes time to accept some new people. but with a little discipline, she soon learns that she is not the queen bee and what is the right behavior. She has high intellect and can use this to take advantage of people who are not strong willed with her. She loves an agility course, loves toys and loves playing in a paddling pool. Because she is an intelligent, young dog she needs to go to a home where she will get lots of exercise and attention, as well as plenty of play and mental stimulation. She would not suit a home where she would be left on her own for long periods of time. Jewel has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated and is ready for her new home. We ask for a rehoming fee of 130 euro when we rehome a dog to partly cover their veterinary and other costs, and a home check is needed. Call 087 1279835 if you would like more information about Jewel or think you could offer her a home.