Boone (reserved)

Introducing the amazing Boone, a two year old Mastiff cross who is now living at our shelter. He loves people and wants to be with humans all the time…he likes to follow you around and is always happy with cuddles and lots of play. He adores couches and beds and will cuddle all day with you on the couch if you let him. He loves other dogs so much that he wants to play continuously and relentlessly with them and never wants to stop for a rest…for this reason we would recommend Boone to a home without another dog, however we think that if he lived in a home where he is getting enough exercise and attention his desire to play all day would become a lot less, and, perhaps as he gets older, he might be able to live with another dog. He cannot live with a cat. The family who adopt Boone should be prepared to give him lots of exercise as this is the key to a happy dog. He is good on the lead, although he will try to go to another dog when he sees one as his desire to be friends and to play is very strong. He is a dog who does not like to be left on his own for very long periods of time as this can cause him to become stressed. He was the star of the show at our open day recently as everybody was amazed at how quiet and gentle he is, and he showed himself to be a total cuddle bunny.
We would not recommend Boone to a family with young children….Minimum age twelve years. Ideally Boone should go to a home where his family has experience of large breeds.  He should always be walked on a lead, and as he is a restricted breed, a muzzle is required in public places. He is neutered, chipped and vaccinated, With expressions of interest please email or contact 0871279835. We ask for a minimum donation of 150 euro when rehoming a dog, a licence and collar tag are required to complete the adoption and a home visit applies.