Meet Chacha. She is a 1.5year old lurcher. Chacha is a little sweetheart of a dog who needs a very special home. She came to us as a very nervous little girl who had not experienced any of the normal things a dog would usually experience. She was not well socialised and was living in the shadow of her mother. Since coming to us she has very much improved. She loves people and gets quite excited now when she sees any of our volunteers going to her …she loves to be petted and fussed over. She has learned to walk very well on the lead and likes to be taken out. She has never lived in a house and is initially nervous of going into any new place. She startles at normal kitchen noises, and will need a home where her new owners are very patient, very understanding and very much prepared to work with her to give her the confidence she needs and to also provide her with the love and affection that she needs. She should have someone at home with her for a good part of the day. She is not house trained, and she is quite nervous of traffic, this is another thing that a new owner must be willing to work on as it will take time to desensitise her to all of the things that frighten her. She absolutely loves when she is taken into our kitchen and gets comfortable on the couch…initially she was afraid to go in the door. Chacha will need an experienced home, one where there are no small children, and one where there is no other dog. We cannot consider rehoming her to families with children so please do not apply. If you think that you could be the special family for Chacha, please email for a pre adoption form…no calls please. Chacha has been neutered, chipped (chip number 972274000277089, origin Ireland) and vaccinated. We ask for a minimum donation of €150 to partly offset our veterinary and other expenses. A secure garden is required. To complete an adoption a dog licence and collar tag must be purchased. The KWWSPCA is a Registered Charity (Number CHY 6280) and registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority (Number 2001111048). It is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to rehome pets and its Registration Number is IPT200001C.