Meet lovely Diesel. He is a 6 year old tri-colour collie that came to us recently from horrendous circumstances, but despite the cruelty that this poor dog endured for 6 years he is the gentlest and most loving dog imaginable. All he wants is human company, belly rubs, and TLC. Poor Diesel will forever walk with a limp as his front legs were damaged due to the fact that each leg was seperately cable tied to his collar regularly to stop him from running away. He was found secured to a gate with wire and chain, so tightly that he could not even lower his head, his left leg was also cable tied to his collar. He had no water and could barely move. He was severely dehydrated. Thankfully he is now safe and happy. He can walk, but does limp. He would love to find a permanent happy home where he will be loved and can laze around as much as he wants to. He likes other dogs and, despite his limp, he still needs to be taken for short walks.He can actually be surprisingly agile and managed to scramble out of a 6ft tall wire run…so he will need to go to a home that has a very secure garden with high surrounds. Once he feels secure and happy in his new home we think his desire to wander will reduce. If you would like to meet Diesel with a view to adoption, he is now living at our shelter outside Athagarvan. He has been neutered, chipped and vaccinated. With expressions of interest please email kwwspca@gmail.com. or contact 0871279835. A dog licence and collar tag are required to complete the adoption and a home visit applies. As there are existing veterinary issues with his legs we will consider a permanent foster home for Diesel and the kwwspca will asist with the veterinary fees involved with the care required for his legs.