Digby (Reserved)

Digby is a fabulous dog who needs either a permanent foster home or a forever home. Digby is not doing well at the shelter, he finds it very stressful and upsetting. However, one of our volunteers takes him home whenever she can and this is what she has discovered about him.

I couldnt believe the difference in Digby between the Shelter and the House . He is is bonkers at the shelter but SO chilled and easy going in the house.

He is such an adorable fella , and just wants to love and be loved. He just stares into your eyes for guidance to make you happy.
He is completely house trained and never had an accident.
He HAS to be an inside dog ! He LOVES to be near his person ! He just potters calmly around . He never touches anything and is never destructive!i

He Loves to cuddle in the sofa .
He has definitely been loved in the past , he knows what a sofa and bed (human) are for !

He is fine to leave alone in the house for 4 hours …. maybe longer … I haven’t tested him further .

He is very sensitive ( like most springers ) . He reacts quickly to sudden sounds and spooks easily .

He got on fine with my two spaniels .

He is fine on the lead in open spaces such as the Curragh. But in built up areas he gets very excited with all the smells and pulls A LOT.

I would recommend a QUIET and calm home . He is much happier when he is chilled .

He needs a secure garden as he likes to follow his nose .

He would probably be better to live in the country where there are less things to get him worked up but he would need a secure garden .
If he was to be in the town , I would recommend a quiet house with very little going on around him and somewhere quiet where he could be walked .
I LOVE him to bits and only wish I could keep him !!! Beautiful sweetheart of a dog. He deserves a home where he can truly be appreciated !
I would also suggest that new owner would have Springer experience in order in really understand the sensitive / bonkers Springer mentality !!!

Is there here anyone who could give Digby the home he needs and deserves.

Contact 0871279835 or kwwspca@gmail.com if you could give a forever foster or permanent home to Digby. He has s neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated, a home vaccination suit applies.