Minerva McDognigal (booked)

Meet Minnerva McDognigal. She is a 9 week old Whippet/possibly husky cross who was born into our care on Dec 17th 2018. She is a bundle of energy who must go to a home where she gets lots of exercise and stimulation…she could walk up to 6km quite easily and if she does not get the exercise required she will be difficult to manage as an older dog. Ideally her new owner should have experience with active dogs such as husky or collie so that they have a proper understanding of the requirements that a dog like this little girl will need. As Minerva is still a puppy it is important that she goes to a home where she will not spend much time alone, this is important for her house training, and for her emotional well being. She is good with other dogs and is living with cats therefore she could be introduced carefully to any cat already in residence. She is good with children, but we are always careful about re homing any puppies to families where there are very small children as puppies nip when they are teething and this can be mistaken for biting. Also we have found from experience that households with very young children do not have the time to commit to the walking and training that a new puppy requires and we therefore prefer to rehome to families with older children. Minerva is living in a foster home and therefore an appoiintment will be required to visit her. With expressions of interest please contact 086 175 1841. Minerva is chipped and will be fully vaccinated before re homing. It is a condition of adoption that she be spayed at 6 months of age. This can be done on the kwwspca account provided she is taken to a vets with whom we have an account. We ask for a minimum re homing donation of 150 euro to partly offset our very substantial veterinary costs, a licence and collar disc are required to complete the adoption, and a home visit will apply.