Sherman (Booked)

Sherman is an older dog, probably 6 – 7 years old, who sadly found himself abandoned and taken to the Kildare Dog Pound because he was no longer wanted. He is now in the care of the KWWSPCA at its Shelter. He is a staffie or a bull breed. He is a real dote of a dog, maybe a little overweight, but enjoying his walks and his doggy companions. He just loves human affection, all he wants is to be rubbed, stroked and given lots of human company. He is very strong but walks well on the lead. He had to have a tumor take off his back, so he has quite a large scar there now, but it has healed well and the fur is growing back. Sherman has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He is such a loving dog that it is hard to understand why he was abandoned. If you would like more information about Sherman, please call 087 6803295 or visit him at the KWWSPCA Shelter from 2 – 4 Mondays to Saturday or at other times by making an appointment on 087 1279835.