Wilson (Booked)

Wilson is a young whippet of about 1.5 years old who is now under our care and living at our shelter. He is a sociable dog who gets on very well with other dogs. He loves his walks and he loves his creature comforts, thoroughly enjoying snuggling on the couch with Daisy, his kennel mate, and loving cuddles and hugs from the shelter volunteers. He does not like to be on his own and will cry if left alone therefore we would recommend him to a home where there is another dog to keep him company or where there will be someone with him for most of the day. Wilson in neutered, chipped and vaccinated. for adioption we ask a minimum rehoming donation of €130 to partly offset veterinary expenses, a licence and collar tag will be required, and a home visit applies. Please contact 0871279835 or email kwwspca@gmail.com with expressions of interest.