Buzz (Reserved)

Buzz is a very cute three month old puppy who is living in a foster home. He is possibly an Irish terrier cross.  He is a very energetic puppy who will need a family who are available to give him the time, attention, and training he needs.  This will mean that there should be someone at home with Buzz for most of the day.  He is living in a home with other dogs and with cats and kittens.  He is very playful and very affectionate, but is quite the live wire so please do not consider adoption if you are not prepared for what this means in a puppy.  He will be fine in a family with children aged  about 7 years and upwards…puppies need a lot of attention and training , and a home where there are young children will not have the time to commit to both children and puppy.  Also, young pups can be nippy and this can cause upset to young children.  Please do not apply to adopt if you are not at home to provide the necessary training, or if you have very young children.  A secure garden is an absolute MUST, as Buzz is quite the explorer.  Walls or a solid wooden fence all the way around would be recommended. Buzz is vaccinated and chipped, and a condition of his adoption is that he be neutered at the age of 6 months .  This is covered by the kwwspca provided that he is brought to a vets with whom we have an account.  We ask for a minimum donation of 150 euro to partly offset our veterinary expenses, a licence and collar tag are required to complete the adoption, and a home visit applies.  Please contact 0871279835 or email with expressions of interest.

Please note that on making a booking a deposit of 50 euro will be required which will be allowed against the donation amount when completing the adoption.