Cassie (Booked)

I have been looking for my forever home …well, forever.

I came to the shelter in 2015 when I was 12 weeks old because I was not wanted. My name is Cassie. Someone adopted me and kept me for a year, and then decided that they did not want me either. So I was brought back to the shelter…I was heartbroken as I was still little more than a baby and I could not understand what I did wrong. I then spent such a long, long time in the shelter.. With so many dogs at the shelter I did not understand that there is plenty of love to be given to every dog, and I just wanted all the attention and wanted the humans all to myself. I needed help so that I could learn how to socialise, how to behave with all the other dogs, and to realise that I could not latch on to just one person and be nasty to others.

What I really needed was someone to understand me, teach me, show me the correct balance of affection and discipline…..and because I am a very clever girl I would have learned very quickly what is right and what is wrong. But because I was confused and had never had the training as a young puppy I was finding all of this very hard to comprehend.

One day a lovely volunteer came to the shelter and became very involved. She kept saying how she would love to give me a chance so she and the other volunteers began by bringing me walking with the other dogs, and showing me that humans have enough affection for all the dogs and that I did not need them to myself. They showed me how nice it is to walk with the other dogs and to play with them. I began to play with the dogs in the garden, chasing balls and other toys and splashing in the paddling pool. It was such fun that I really loved it and was a really good girl with the other dogs.

Then the lovely volunteer became my foster mommy and took me home to her own house so that I could learn to live with all of her dogs and her cats. I was soooooo happy. Living in a home is just fantastic, I love my foster brother and sisters, and one of my sisters even has four babies of her own, and I love them too.
I love racing around the garden with my black German Shepherd brother ..I think I can run faster than him so I get to the ball first.

And I have cat siblings too ..they are a lot of fun.

We go for lovely drives to the country and I get to walki in the woods and splash in the streams. I also get to go for walks around the town so that I am now used to walking where there are people and there is traffic.

Knowing waht a home is like I would love more that anything else in the whole world to have a home that I can call my own with my own Mommy and Daddy I wouldn’t like a home where I would be on my own for long periods of time, and I would love a home where I can get lots of exercise and mental stimulation. My Mom and Dad would need to have some experience of dogs, as sometimes I still need a firm voice to remind me to be a good girl, but only on rare occassions. I would love to have a doggy brother or sister, and confident cats would be just fine too.

Is there anyone out there that would like to give me my forever home so that I do not spend all my life as a foster or shelter dog?

If you could be the perfect family for me, and I could be the perfect dog for you, my friends at the KWWSPCA would love to hear from you. My foster Mommy and daddy will tell you all about me. You can contact them on 0871279835 or email them at

I am spayed, chipped and vaccinated. A home visit is necessary, and a dog licence and collar and tag are needed to complete the adoption. A donation of €130 is also required to partly offset veterinary fees.