Cracker (Booked)

  1. This is Cracker. She is a 14 week old puppy and we are now looking for expressions of interest in adoption. Her mother is Saluki and her father is an Akita. She is a happy, affectionate, well socialized little dog who is used to plenty of handling and human interaction. She walks well on the lead. The home we require for Cracker should not be in a town or city…we are ideally looking for a home in the countryside or at the edge of a town, so that there will be a possibility to take her for long walks of at least one hour morning and evening when she grows to be an adult dog. We will not rehome her to a family with small children, and we will not rehome her to a family where she will be left alone for long periods of time. She will require someone at home for a lot of the day to give her the training and affection that she will need. She is not yet house trained so this is all ahead of her new owners. She will be chipped and vaccinated before rehoming, and it is a condition of the adoption that she be spayed at 6 months by a vet with whom we have an account as the cost is taken up by the kwwspca. With expressions of interest please email We ask for a minimum rehoming donation of €150 to partly offset our veterinary costs, a collar tag and licence are required to complete the adoption, and a home visit applies.