Doug (Booked)

Look at little Doug. He is a 12 week old Lurcher puppy who is very sweet and gentle. He loves to be cuddled and hugged which is understandable as he is just a baby. Doug will need to go to a home where he will get plenty of love and attention, and where he gets all the training he needs…he will nead to be toilet trained, but he has already learned how to walk on a lead and loves to walk with his kennel mate who is a six month old puppy called Angel. He also loves playing with Angel and will then settle with her for a snooze when he is tired. As he is very young he should be fine with cats. It is just important to make a careful introduction if there is a cat in the family. He should not spend too much time alone as he needs company for both his training and his emotional well-being. His home should have somebody at home with hime for a good part of the day. There must also be a secure garden. Doug is chipped and vaccinated. It is a condition of his adoption that he must be neutered at 6 months old…this cost will be covered by the kwwspca provided he is brought to a vet with whom we have an account. With expressions of interest in Doug please email or contact 0871279835. We ask for a minimum adoption donation of 150 euro to partly offset his veterinary costs. A licence, and a collar tage are also requied to complete the adoption.