Erin (Booked)

Erin is a one year old whippet/lurcher who is now in our care. Erin is a dog who will do best in a home where she has the company of another confident dog. She really loves other dogs. On her own she can be a bit nervous and unsure, but when with another dog she is very confident and very friendly…she will run up to you, jump up to say hello, and lick you. She loves her walks and will always follow her doggy friend wherever he goes at our shelter. It can be difficult to get her lead on as she plays a little game of ‘catch me if you can’ and barks, but once the lead is on she walks very gently and easily by your side. She loves to come into our kitchen and to settle on the couch where she enjoys being petted and loves to be given treats. When she is relaxing on the couch it is very easy to get the lead on and she will trot along very happily by your side then to be taken for a walk. A home in a quieter area would suit her best , either a quiet suburb or the countryside, and her new owner will need to have a little patience with her initially, but once Erin gets to know you she will love and trust you, and will be a very loyal and wonderful little pet. We would recommend an experienced owner, and a family where there are no young children.She has been spayed, chipped and vaccinated. If you would like to meed Erin with a view to adoption please contact 0871279835 or email We ask for a minimum donation of €130 to partly offset our veterinary fees, a licence and disc for her collar are required , and a home visit also applies.