Jake (Reserved)

  1. Jake is a very handsome lurcher who has just come to live with us at our animal shelter near Athgarvan in county Kildare. He is about 1 year and nine months old. Jake is a very intelligent dog who has had quite a bit of training and understands a huge number of commands. He is house trained. He is very good with other dogs and with people…he is friendly with adults and children alike, but older children would be better as he could knock small children over in his excitement. He is not agressive toward cats, however if one runs he will chase it…he has never done any harm, when he catches up to a cat he just sniffs it. Jake is an energetic dog who enjoys running in open spaces such as a dog park or large garden to stretch his legs, dog parks are a great way for him to burn energy. He needs some mental stimulation daily. he enjoys playing tug of war and chasing. He loves playing with other dogs. He absolutely loves chasing a laser, he loves bubbles, and loves chasing a football. He enjoys a good hip rub, especially after he has been playing or exercising, and he loves an ear or face rub. He can get anxious when left alone for long periods, mental stimulation and exercising help with this, as would the company of another dog. If you would like to meet Jake please call to our shelter, Monday to Saturday, 1-3pm, or contact 0871279835/email kwwspca@gmail.com with expressions of interest. Jake is chipped, vaccinated and neutered. We ask a minimum adoption doantion of 150euro, a collar tag and licence are required to complete the adoption, and a home visit applies. A 50euro deposit is required to secure a booking.