Jimbo (booked)

Jimbo is a very handsome Springer Spaniel of about 4 years old who recently came into the care of the Kwwspca and is living at our shelter. He is a friendly and affectionate dog, he very much enjoys going for walks, and would be best suited to a family who are enthusiastic walkers and will be prepared to give him plenty of exercise. He is a dog that is eager to please, quick to learn, and willing to obey. He walks well on the lead and walks quite quickly so his owner will become fit and healthy very soon. He seems good with other dogs and shares his kennel and run with a female Springer, Tasha, who was found with him. We think they may have been living together and are possibly mother and son. Jimbo loves to chase a ball and bring it back to you, and he is in heaven when he has a chew toy and is getting his belly rubbed. He loves snuggles and cuddles. With expressions of interest in Jimbo please contact 0871279835 or email Kwwspca@gmail.com. Jimbo is neutered, chipped and vaccinated. We ask for a minimum donation of €150 to partly offset our quite considerable costs, a licence and collar tag are required to complete the adoption, and a secure garden is a must. A home visit applies.