Julie, reserved

Lovely Julie is an older small greyhound who would love a happy home where she could just relax and enjoy her retirement. Julie has the sweetest temperament, she is really affectionate and just craves company. She is at her happiest when she is with humans, loves her walks, and adores couches and soft beds. All Julie wants out of life is love and we think she truly deserves it after her tough life so far. It’s always incredible how affectionate and loving these amazing dogs are. Poor Julie bears some of the battle scars of her former life in that she has some scars and marks on her body. She also has a cataract in one eye meaning that the vision in that eye is blurred, but her other eye is perfect. We think she has had pups at some stage too. Yet she’s a beautiful dog, joyful when she sees you and ecstatic to be with you. The person who adopts Julie will be a lucky person indeed.
Julie is neutered, vaccinated and chipped ( chip number 972274000277086, origin Ireland). If you would like to express an interest in Julie please email kwwspcadogrehoming@gmail.com to request a pre adoption form. We ask for a minimum donation of €150 to partly offset our veterinary and other expenses, a collar tag and licence are required to complete the adoption, and a secure garden with high surrounds is required. We don’t know if Julie will suit a home with small dogs, and cats are a no. The KWWSPCA is a Registered Charity (Number CHY 6280) and registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority (Number 2001111048). It is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to rehome pets and its Registration Number is IPT200001C.