Kirby…We are taking no further enquiries at the moment

Meet Kirby, a two year old pointer x who is now in the care of the kwwspca. Kirby is a beautiful dog, but sadly for him he did not have a good start in life and he is a nervous boy who wants to come out of his shell but is afraid to. He absolutely loves other dogs, and his face lights up as soon as he sees another dog…he just wants to go to them and play, or sniff around with them. There is absolutely no agression in Kirby, he is an extremely gentle soul who walks very well on the lead, is completely house trained, and even wants to be friends with the cat. He just needs a home with a family who are prepared to be gentle, patient, and understanding with him, will not be harsh with him or raise their voices to him, and have another dog who is friendly and will guide him along. He absolutely loves when he is in our garden with lots of other dogs, but he tends to shy away from humans. He will come to you with a bit of coaxing, and then walk with you, cuddle with you, but it is obvious that someone used harsh training methods on him and just ‘put him down’ all the time. In time he should gain confidence, provided he is in the right home and with the right humans who will love him, nurture him, give him lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement, and show him that the world is not all bad. So if you feel that you are the special person that can provide what Kirby needs, if you have another friendly dog that would be a companion for Kirby, or if you want to adopt Kirby with another dog, please register your interest by emailing Kirby is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped (Chip number 981020000574828), origin Ireland. We ask for a minimum adoption donation of 150euro to partly offset our veterinary and other expenses. To complete an adoption a licence and collar tag are necessay, and a secure garden is a requirement.  The KWWWSPCA is a Registered Charity (Number CHY 6280) and registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority (Number 2001111048). It is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine to rehome pets and its Registration Number is IPT200001C.