Molly (Reserved)

This little pup is Molly. She is three months old and we think she is possibly a French bull dog/terrier cross. She was found along with her 4 siblings about 4 weeks ago. They had been dumped on the canal bank in a cardboard box. Molly is now under the care of the kwwspca and is looking for a home. She is a great little dog, full of fun. She loves her walks and is good on the lead. As she is just a puppy she will need to be house trained. She will need to go to a home where there is someone at home for most of the day as it is not good for puppies to spend long periods on their own. She loves cuddles and is good with other dogs. She has been chipped and vaccinated and it is a condition of her rehoming that she is neutered at 6 months of age. This is covered by the kwwspca provided she is brought to a vets with whom we have an account. For more information about Molly please email or contact 0871279835. We ask for a minimim donation of 150 euro when rehoming a dog. This is to partly offset some of our veterinary expenses, To complete an adoption a dog licence and a collar tag are also required, and a home visit isnecessary. A secure garden is also a must.