Mya (Booked)

Mya is a very good natured, quiet, and gentle lurcher. She is affectionate and friendly, loving her walks and loving human company and attention. She is a dream to walk as she is very gentle on the lead. Like all lurchers she would like to live in an area where there is somewhere nice that she can be taken to have a run off lead…lurchers love to run in circles for a few minutes and will then quite happily settle down and sleep for the rest of the day. They also love to run in straight lines and you will often see two lurchers racing along a path at full speed for about 10 seconds…they are a joy to watch. Mya really loves to have her run in our garden. She will run in big circles with our other lurchers until they are all tired. Then they all settle down to sleep in our kitchen, all taking over the couches meaning that the volunteers have to sit beside them and cuddle them and give them lots of treats, or better again, a piece of their sandwich. Mya is a big favourite with all of the volunteers because of her sweet and gentle temperament. Our walkers love to take her out, particular walkers that have children with them as the children find Mya very easy to walk and she is very gentle with them. She will make a lovely family pet and we feel sure that some very lucky family will have years of happiness with her. Mya has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If you would like to express an interest in Mya please email or contact 0871279835. We ask for a minimum donation of 130 euro to partly cover veterinary expenses, a licence and tag are required to complete the adoption and a home visit applies.