Pedro (Booked)

Pedro is a really handsome dog…we believe he is a labrador/collie cross. He is a young dog…only about a year old. When he came to us he had very little training. Over the last few months our wonderful volunteers have been spending lots of time with Pedro. Pedro now walks well on the lead. He has come on a long way with house training, and he has shown that he is a very clever boy as he learns to follow commands very very quickly. He has spent some time at home with one volunteer who particularly loves him…this is what the volunteer writes about him:
An amazing companion looking for lots of love. He has amazing temperament and mixes well with everyone when introduced nicely. My personal experience with Pedro was amazing. All my friends came to my house to see him, he was surrounded by 10+ people and wasn’t nervous at all, rather he gave everyone a turn to play with him.
From Sit: in 2 days he learned sit, stay, and down and trust me, he was ready for more.
Favorite Toy: Ball but he never steps back from a tug of war.
Favorite game: Fetch .. you wont believe how excited and funny he becomes the moment he sees you ready to play.
Intelligence Test: I kept his favorite ball under a blanket and his task was not to lose interest and find the ball without knowing it’s there. He sniffed it then figured out how to get the toy out without destroying the bed. And he did it in 1 minute.
Really smart pup and very easy to train.
He will need a house with a garden/lawn to run and play. Also someone he can associate as “owner”. His new owner should be at home for a good part of the day with him as he is young and he needs the company plus training. We would not recommend to a home with very young children as he is energetic. His new owner shoul be prepared to give him plenty of walking as he really loves to get out. With some obedience training he is a perfect companion.
Pedro is neutered, vaccinated and chipped. If you would like to meet him with a view to adoption please contact 0871279835 or email We ask for a minimum donation of €130 to partly offset veterinary expenses, a licence and tag are required to complete the adoption, and a home visit applies.