Pixie (Booked)

Pixie is a lovely lurcher . She is around 2-3 years old. She is very friendly and is very good with other dogs. She loves human company and is quite fond of a human bed and a sofa. She loves her walks and is very good on the lead. Poor Pixie has a healed fracture in her leg and as a result there is a lump on the leg where it has become calcified. The vets have advised that she is in no pain and do not feel it would be necessary or fair to do any surgery on her leg. She sometimes walks with a slight limp…possibly this is out of habit from when the leg was causing her extreme pain, or possibly one leg is very slightly shorter that the other. We can only imagine the pain she must have been in trying to cope with a broken leg when she had no veterinary care…we really hope that this will not impact on anyone’s decision to offer her a home as she is a total sweetheart of a dog and deserves only the best home ever after what she has been through. Despite her lumpy leg she is able to run like the wind and loves to run zoomies in the garden at our shelter. Pixie is chipped, vaccinated and spayed. She is living at our shelter if you would like to meet her with a view to adoption. We ask for a minimum donation of €130, a licence and collar tag are required to complete an adoption, and a home visit applies. With expressions of interest please contact 0871279835 or email kwwspca@gmail.com.