Prince (Booked)

Meet Prince, a puppy of about three months old. He is of mixed breed, possibly terrier/beagle but we really can’t be sure therefore we don’t know how big he might get. He is a lively little dog, he loves his runs in the garden and his kennel outside. He’s a great little follower and will follow at your heels, he loves to see you coming and will greet you with a wagging tail. He is very handsome and good natured and sleeps peacefully through the night. As he’s still very young he can be a little nippy and he does have sharp little teeth. He responds very well to ‘ah ah’ if he gets nippy when playing and will be quickly trained out of this. His house training and lead training are coming on very well but, being so young, a little training will still be required.
Prince is chipped and vaccinated, and his new family must agree to take him for neutering at 6 months… the cost is covered by KWWSPCA. We ask a minimum rehoming fee of €130 to partly offset veterinary expenses, a licence and tag are required to complete the adoption, and a home visit is required. Prince is in a foster home therefore an appointment is required to meet him. He will be best suited to a family with no young children. Please contact 0871279835 or email with expressions of interest.