Sultan (Reserved)

Sultan is a truly lovely lurcher pup, born around the end of November 2018. He is the most gentle and loving dog imaginable, he is quite sensitive and he just wants to be loved. He is the quietest dog, delights in a cuddle and just wants to be on your knee. He is quite a big pup for his age and will be a big dog, but he is will be extremely gentle and he does exactly what you say. He is great with cats, kids and other dogs. He is still a little nervous so a little work is required regarding walking on the lead. He is not yet house trained but is very eager to please so it won’t take him long to get there. He travels well in the car .He is now available for adoption, and if you would be interested in offering him a home please email or contact 0871279835. He is chipped and vaccinated, and it is a condition of his adoption that he be neutered at 6 months of age. This is covered by the kwwspca provided he is taken to a vet with whom we have an account. We ask for a minimum rehoming fee of 150 euro to partly offset our veterinary expenses, a dog licence and collar tag are required to complete the adoption, and a home visit applies. A secure garden is required for all dogs adopted from us.