Report animal cruelty

The KWWSPCA Volunteer Animal Welfare Officers are at the forefront of animal welfare in County Kildare and in West Wicklow and they are supported by the local Garda and the ISPCA Inspectorate. Our Officers respond to allegations of cruelty, neglect and abuse and also aid sick and injured animals.  In the vast majority of cases, our animal welfare officers find a solution to most problems by working with the owners of the animal(s) involved.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case and on occasions real instances of cruelty, neglect or abuse are uncovered.  The KWWSPCA Animal Welfare Officers interact with thousands of animals throughout the year, and where necessary competently follow prosecutions.

What To Do If You Suspect Animal Cruelty

If you suspect animal cruelty or neglect, you should phone the KWWSPCA Helpline (087 1279835) or the Animal Welfare Officer Line (087 6887136) to report the case. Any information that is given, including your name and contact details, are kept in the strictest confidence. You must be able to give the exact location of the animal and as much information as possible about the situation.

What Happens After Cruelty Is Reported

In most cases, one of the KWWSPCA’s Animal Welfare Officers will visit the animal(s) concerned and where possible liaise with the owners to improve the situation or remove the animals if possible.

However, the KWWSPCA Animal Welfare Officers do not have any statutory power to seize an animal and unless the owners agree voluntarily to surrender the animal, the KWWSPCA is not able to take possession. In these cases, the information is passed to the ISPCA or the Garda, who do have such powers.