Meg – abandoned with pups

Meg was found in a field in January 2017 along with her eight puppies. They had been abandoned and left to die by a callous owner. Sadly one of the puppies died that first night but thankfully the remaining pups survived and Meg and her puppies came into the care of KWWSPCA.

Meg with her puppies
Meg was very underweight and extremely stressed after her ordeal. She went into foster care with one of our volunteers to give her some time to recover physically and mentally.

Meg quickly settled into family life with her foster family and the three dogs in the house. She joined her dog buddies at the Curragh Dog Walking group and learned that dogs and people are quite a lot of fun to be around. She became more confident and her physical condition improved significantly over time. After a few months in foster care it was time to put her up for adoption but her foster family became what we call ‘failed fosterers’ and decided to adopt Meg. All of Meg’s puppies also went on to find new homes so that’s another success story!

Here are a few photos of Meg enjoying her new life…