Rusty – from Kildare Pound

Rusty was found as a stray in North Kildare in very cold weather. Although he was hungry, he was very friendly and in good condition so we were sure an owner would come forward for him. Unfortunately he was not microchipped. His details were published on the KWWSPCA Facebook page and shared throughout the country and the people who found him went round the area asking if anyone recognised him. No one came forward and, as he was a stray, he had to go into the Kildare Dog Pound to do his statutory ‘time’. By law, all stray dogs have to spend 5 working days in the Dog Pound to allow owners to find them. If no owner contacts the Pound, then the KWWSPCA or another Animal Rescue or a member of the public, can take the dog and legally rehome it.

So Rusty did his 5 days in the Pound but even before he went into the Pound, someone had offered him a home if no owner came forward. So Rusty was one of the very lucky dogs who came out of the Pound and after his veterinary treatment (microchipping, vaccinations and neutering) went straight to a very loving home with two other dogs as playmates.

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