Tigger is looking for a new home.  He is a large, rough coated lurcher who is about 3 years old.  He loves to cuddle on the sofa and is a great companion.  He is very placid and good natured, but can be nervous of new people and new situations until he has had time to get used to them.  He is good with other dogs and does not like to be on his own, so he would need to be in a home where someone would be with him for a good part of the day.  He is to be rehomed as an inside dog.  He is housetrained and is a very good communicator when he needs to go out.  He travels well in the car, although he is not very keen on it.  He needs a fair amount of exercise, but loves to chase a ball which gets rid of some of his energy.  He has good recall and can be recalled with his dog whistle.  Because he is quite bouncy and big, we would not recommend him to a home where there are very small children, although he is very gentle with them.  Tigger has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  He was rehomed by the KWWSPCA over a year ago but his present owner is no longer able to keep him, due to health issues.  Please call or text 087 9133913 or email kwwspca@gmail.com if you would like to find out more about Tigger or if you could offer him a home.  Tigger is not at the KWWSPCA Shelter so an appointment would have to be made if you would like to meet him.