Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who has donted towards the care of these pups; it has been a massive help and they are thriving. They are now about 2 weeks old and their eyes are opening. They are feeding well and are very active for their age; growing fast and getting increasingly messy! We are helping the farmer who owns the mother to neuter her and his other dogs and if he does take back one of the pups, we will make sure that this one will be neutered when old enough. The farmer does want the best for his dogs but just needs some help and the KWWSPCA is happy to assist him.

Collie Flower, Jane Pawsten, Boba Fetch, Indianna Bones and Lick Jagger are going to be quite a handful when they really start moving. Lick Jagger seems to be obsessed with the resident cat as any time she is close by, Lick immediately smells her and pulls himself towards her. Santa is bringing them lots of toys for when they are a little older and some new fluffy blankets.

We understand that a lot of people will be interested in adopting these pups when they are older but we cannot take enquiries at this time. Again we thank everyone who has helped towards these pups; this year has been difficult for everyone and we are so grateful for the help.