Just yesterday we posted Kilter as a stray cat who needed to find a new home; a very handsome, friendly, long-haired cat. We had offers of homes, but were delighted when his original owners contacted us to say that Kilter was their long lost cat. His real name is Dicey and he had been missing for two years. He was originally a feral cat that his family adopted, but he could not be caught to be neutered, and boys being boys, he strayed one day and never returned. He has since wandered, creating kittens and havoc wherever he went. Those days are nearly over and he will soon be TRNed (trapped, neutered and returned) and go back to his family and ginger brother who love him dearly and can’t wait to see himagain. (The photo is of him and his brother before he went wandering). Thank you to Jill and Phil and all their lovely neighbours who kept track of him through their estate’s whatsapp. And thanks to Niambh and Martyna who had both offered him a home. We hope he will settle down to retirement and enjoy the family, Siobhain, Ruth and Ginger, who can’t wait to welcome him home. He had wandered about a kilometer from home.