Underneath the mess there is a living, breathing, creature. He is a Yorkshire terrier. He was spotted at the side of a road by someone who mistook him for a baby rabbit and went back for a second look. He is believed to be about 14-15 years old. His hair was so badly matted that he had lost the use of his back legs. 500g of hair was shaved from his tiny body, leaving 2kg of teacup Yorkie, shivering and frightened. After a full veterinary check he was found to have a mouthfull of rotten teeth, a collapsed trachea, a lung infection, an enlarged prostate, cruciate ligament damage, ear infection, eye infection, kidney failure.. We have called him Clarke because he really is a superman. He is now experiencing the comfort of a real home, probably for the first time in his life. We have been told that, with good veterinary care and TLC, he might live for a year. Thank you to Yvonne for stopping by the roadside, and to Catherine and Gareth who are his new foster family. Superman Clarke will need medicines and special food for the rest of his life. We have had him neutered which has greatly helped his prostate problem. He had a bag full of teeth removed. He will be receiving ongoing veterinary treatment in order to keep him comfortable. If you think you could help us a little bit with his veterinary costs we would be very appreciative. You can help by clicking the donate button, or by sending a paypal donation to kwwspca@gmail.com.Thank you from Clarke.