Here’s a lovely happy story to make you smile.These two gorgeous little bunnies were found recently, dumped in a field, by the parents of one of our volunteers, while out walking their dogs.They took them to the vets to be checked. They were emaciated and had infections in their feet. Their rescuers had to separate them because they were male and female, and kept them indoors in temporary cages, while giving them meds and antibiotics etc. before they could be rehomed. The family didn’t think they could keep the rabbits as they have large dogs and cats. Roll on 2 weeks and the rabbits’ infections have cleared up and they are eating well. They spend time together out in the garden everyday , and the little female will be spayed in 2 weeks time.Meanwhile our wonderful rescuers have a large hutch with outdoor space ordered, and the bunnies are staying put, and are now family pets. 🥰🐰