Shelly was a very young feral cat who came into the care of the KWWSPCA when heavily pregnant. She was cared for at our Animal Shelter by our volunteers and soon after coming to us, produced her litter of kittens. Despite being feral, she was very affectionate and let us stroke her and handle her kittens without any problem. When the kittens were a few days old, mother and family went into foster care. Shelly is now living her best life. She has a lovely home with her foster mum, Louise. She has come on so well and is now kitten free, and loving it. Thank you to all those who played some part in giving her the helping hand she needed. All her kittens are now rehomed, the last one heading off today. Her story is a success story and puts an end to the countless kittens she and her children would have gone on to produce, if she had been left in the wild.