The KWWSPCA would like to thank Helen Hannegan and the members of her crochet classes, including one of our Shelter volunteers, Sharon Hegarty, for raising €700 for the KWWSPCA at a recent fund raising event.Helen has run her crochet classes for over 30 years and every year she organises a monster raffle to raise funds for various charities. Helen’s daughter, Marian, and her husband, Tom, recently adopted Teddy from the KWWSPCA. Teddy has brought great joy to the whole family and to all the ladies in the crochet classes and so it was decided to donate the raffle money to the KWWSPCA this year. The photo shows Tom, Marian, Helen and Sharon and, of course, Teddy. Thank you so much Helen and Sharon and to everyone who contributed to the raffle. It is very much appreciated.