One night last week our Animal welfare officer got a call after this poor family were found, likely dumped in North Kildare.The mother and 5 pups were emaciated, riddled with mange, one pup was very weak and the others were all very timid and every one of them was dangerously dehydrated. Sadly, despite our best efforts, Maximus the weakest pup died a couple of days later and Venus one other the other pups has to have an eye removed due to a ruptured ulcer this coming Friday. Mom is a Belgian Shepard who is only two. Her name is Amazon, she is sweet and friendly despite her hard life and her 4 surviving pups, Anubis, Trouble, Rebel and Venus are now balls of energy. They have finally stopped scratching and are gaining lots of weight.

There was no need for this. Mange is easy to treat in the early stage (and this isn’t early) and easy to prevent and there is no need for it to get to this stage. Whoever had her could have called us for help. One pup is dead because of the disregard for their lives. It’s going to take these babies (mom included) time to be well enough to be rehomed and we aren’t taking enquiries yet, however only experienced owners will be considered for them when they are ready.

Getting these pups back into condition will take a while and they have already racked up quiet the vet bill so if anyone could donate towards their continued care we would really appreciate it.

You can donate via our PayPal at kwwspca@gmail.com or via the donation button on the home page of this website. We will keep you all up to date on how these babies get one and thank you to the people who found her for getting in touch and the others who helped transport them to us.