Now that Noah’s Ark, the KWWSPCA’s Charity Shop in Newbridge,  has re-opened and as we are also planning an Open-Air Bazaar at the Shelter when restrictions allow, we will be able to take in donations as of next Saturday, May 29.  Thanks to everyone who has kept items for us over the last few months, we are very grateful for your support.

We cannot take in donations into Noah’s Ark, except for small items, because we have so little storage space, so we are going to be open at the Shelter on Saturday, May 29 and Saturday, June 5, from 10.00 – 1.00 both days, to take in your donations.  The Shelter is located between Athgarvan and Twomilehouse, about 6 km from Newbridge, eircode W12 EV60.  If you cannot call over on these days, please could you call/text 086 3413017 or 087 6803295 to arrange another time.  Please note, the Shelter is closed to the public so an appointment needs to be made to ensure there is someone at the Shelter to let you in.

Apologies, but we do not need any clothes, shoes or bags at the moment, as we have so much stock in storage, but hope to have room for them in a few weeks’ time.   Also we cannot take any items that are not clean or are damaged, nor can we take in the following items as they are too difficult to sell: toys and games, baby clothes and equipment, bedding (duvets, pillow, etc.), electrical items and pictures.

What we really need are unwanted presents (especially if in original packaging), bric a brac, household items, small items of furniture, jigsaws,  china tea/dinner sets and books.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated items to Noah’s Ark in the past and for any future donations, and also thanks to those who  buy the items in the shop and online.  The money that we raise from selling these donated items is a major source of income for the KWWSPCA and is vital in allowing the Society to continue its important work preventing cruelty and neglect to animals and finding new homes for those animals that are homeless.