Milly (Applications Closed)

This 2 to 3 years of age female Lurcher has been described by her fosterer as having a “delightful temperament”. Although initially shy of strangers, Milly is affectionate and very quiet. In fact, she’s so quiet that her fosterer has only heard her bark once in the past few weeks! She is a bit reserved when she’s around other dogs, she tends to stay close to her master and is already showing very good recall.

Milly loves chasing balls and going for walks and is very easy on the lead, unless she spots the odd squirrel. She seems to have a strong prey instinct and has been observed stalking and chasing birds. For this reason, we do not recommend a home with chickens or the like. One bit of advice offered by her Fosterer is not to leave food on the table when Milly’s in the room!

Milly has been spayed, is microchipped (972274200467722), vaccinated and treated for worms and fleas.

If you have an interest in adopting Milly, please click on the following link to complete the ‘Expression of Interest Form’ and then please return the completed form to

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If you have any difficulties accessing or completing the form, please call 087-6887136 or email There is more detailed information about how our adoption process works on our Adoption Process page.  There is an adoption fee of €200 when a dog is adopted to help cover some of our veterinary and other costs. A dog licence and collar tag need to be purchased before adoption and a home check will be organised.

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