Nina is a 13 month old Golden Retriever who arrived to us in a very nervous state and completely unsocialised. It took several weeks for her to interact with us and she still remains cautious around humans. She is now thankfully very accepting of affection. She has shown no aggression and has never even growled at us but is still learning how to live in this big world. Recently introduced to our kitchen, she is becoming more familiar with household noises and activity but she hasn’t yet encountered (apart from Vet trips) the outside world. Nina is extremely happy when with her retriever kennel-mates who enjoy playful tumbling in their kennel together and chasing each other around our enclosed garden area.

We are looking for quite a specific and experienced home for Nina and it is essential that she won’t be the only dog in the house but that there’s an already confident dog in situ to help her along. Homes with young children will be too boisterous for her. Her new owner will need to be patient with her and fully accept and understand that there is a serious learning curve ahead to bring her to her full potential.

Nina has been spayed, is microchipped 981098108868048, has received her vaccinations and her preventative worm/flea treatments.

If you have an interest in adopting Nina, please click on the following link to complete the ‘Expression of Interest Form’ and return the completed form to

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If you have any difficulties accessing or completing the form, please call 087-6887136 or email There is more detailed information about how our adoption process works on our Adoption Process page.  There is an adoption fee of €200 when a dog is adopted to help cover some of our veterinary and other costs. A dog licence and collar tag need to be purchased before adoption and a home check will be organised.

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