Foster Homes

The KWWSPCA sometimes needs foster homes for some of its dogs and cats.  Although most of its rescue animals stay at the KWWSPCA Animal Shelter, we prefer to use foster homes for puppies and very young dogs; dogs and cats recovering from serious illness or injury, and heavily pregnant dogs and cats.

A foster home provides a temporary home for a rescue animal until it is ready to move into the KWWSPCA Animal Shelter or a permanent home is found for it. It might be just for a few days or possibly several months. Essentially the foster home provides a secure, peaceful and loving environment for an animal in need. Our foster homes preferably need to be in Kildare or West Wicklow so that they are near the veterinary practices with whom we have accounts and where they are near the people who are looking to adopt a dog or a cat.

  • Some have undergone veterinary treatment and need a quiet place to recover.
  • Some find the Shelter too stressful with all the other dogs and cats around them.
  • Some might just need emergency accommodation when the Shelter is full.
  • Some need additional attention such as puppies, kittens and expectant mothers.

If the animal is a puppy or a kitten, then the foster home would start its initial toilet and other training. Older dogs might need to be given lead training and house training.

Support provided to foster carers

The KWWSPCA covers the cost of any veterinary treatment and can provide food and bedding where necessary. Its volunteers are also on hand to give advice and support and to take the animal back if things do not work out. It is very rewarding work but perhaps the hardest part of being a foster carer is parting with an animal that has become part of the family.

Some foster carers have ended up adopting the dogs and cats that they should only have been keeping on a temporary basis – but that is great for the animal concerned.

For more information about fostering please call the KWWSPCA Helpline on 087  6887136, email or send a message to the KWWSPCA Facebook page.