Frequently Asked Questions

What to do when…

Please contact the Kildare County Council Environmental Department on 045 980200.
If it is a domestic pet or a wild animal, please contact the Kildare County Council Environmental Department on 045 980200.  If it is a farm animal, please contact the Department of Agriculture in Naas on 045 873035.
Please contact Kildare Wildlife Rescue on their email or send a Facebook message to their Facebook page. 

KWWSPCA Animal Shelter

The shelter is located on the road between Athgarvan and Twomilehouse village. From Newbridge go to Athgarvan village and take a left at the traffic lights (Athgarvan Inn on the corner). Pass Newbridge Rugby Club on your right. Pass over the motorway bridge and the shelter is the 5th property on the left after the motorway. There are large wooden gates and a small KWWSPCA sign outside.
No, we however do need regular volunteers who are over 21 years old and can commit to certain days and times.
Only in exceptional circumstances, but we will assist with rehoming where possible, provided the dog is fully up to date with vaccinations, is chipped, and is neutered.  We will ask for proof of veterinary work.  If you require further information please contact 0871279835.
No, as we have no facilities for looking after them.  We will assist with rehoming where appropriate.
The KWWSPCA cannot take stray dogs in at the Shelter unless they have spent their required time in the Pound. As such, please do not bring the dog to us. If you find a dog or cat :
  • Check for a tag with the owner’s address and/or phone number. If the animal does not have a tag please take it to a vet and have it scanned for a microchip; this does not cost anything.
  • If there is no microchip the best option to find the owner is to get the pet’s photo and information onto Facebook. Send us a photo, details of where you found the animal, and a contact phone number that we can post on our Facebook page.
  • You should also inform the local Garda station, local vets (they may recognise the animal), local shops and you should also ask around the neighbourhood where the dog or cat was found to see if anyone recognises them.
  • In the case of stray dogs you must also call the Dog Warden who will collect the dog or advise on what other action you should take. The Kildare Dog Pound is open between 10.00 & 12.45 on weekdays only and their contact number is 05986 23388. The Wicklow Dog Pound is open from 11.00 – 12.30 and 3.00 – 4.00 Monday to Friday and 10.00 – 12.00 on Saturdays and their contact numbers are 0404 44873, 086 2771695/086 3846430.
Find more information here
The KWWSPCA Animal Shelter is closed to the public unless an appointment is made to visit a specific animal.
We mainly have rescue dogs and cats that are looking for new homes.
Any sort of cat food and cat litter; dried dog food 'Gain Maintenance'; strong dog leads and collars; vet bedding;cleaning products such as bleach, hand wash, detergent and disinfectants. These can be left at the gate to the Shelter.

Find more information on the KWWSPCA Animal Shelter here.

Noah’s ark Shop

Noah's Ark is open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Saturday. It is closed on public and bank holidays.
What we really need are ladies and mens Clothes and Accessories. Small bric-a-brac, Books, small items of furniture, vintage or antique items, jewellery, unwanted gift items. We do not need baby equipment, used electric, duvets/pillows, childrens clothing. 
Please contact 086-3413017 for large items or large quantity of items.
We always need new volunteers! Please, drop your contact details to Noah's Ark or call 086-3413017.

Find more information on Noah’s Ark here.

Cats TNR

No, we offer a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) where we will trap the cat and neuter him/her to prevent breeding. There is a charge of €50 per cat which can be negociated depending on cat numbers
We can take kittens if :
  • They are tamed and can be handled
  • There is a foster mother available to take them
  • As much as possible we try to leave kittens with the mother cat until they are at least 6 weeks old
We ask for a nominal fee of €50 per cat regardless of personnal circumstances. Unfortunately, there are no government scheme that allows us to claim for neutered cats.
We do not charge people for our service but we do ask for a nominal fee of €50. This goes toward the veterinary fees as they are not a charity and do require payment. We provide our TNR service free of charge and our volunteers are not paid. This is our charitable contribution. Unfortunately there are so many cats unneutered in the county that it would be impossible for any organisation to do them all.
No, what we do provide is low cost neutering all year. Any cat can be spayed or neutered for €50. We ask that all cats receive a small ear tip to identify him/her.
A “Cared for cat” is a cat that has been spayed or neutered and cannot produce kittens. It is identified by a small ear tip on the left ear which is easily recognizable to a vet.
We ear tip for several reasons:
  • An ear tipped cat will not be picked up by anyone who is operating a TNR group.
  • A female cat is at risk of being operated on several times if she is not identifiable by a microchip or an obvious scar.
  • Pest control companies are not permitted to take ear tipped cats as they are not going to cause problems with kittens spraying or fighting.
  • People are not afraid to feed a “Cared for cat” as they know it will not bring kittens or cause other problems in the area
Unless your cat is a pedigree cat then we do not make exceptions. To avail of the €50 low cost neutering the cat must receive an ear tip (male or female). We regard an ear tip as a badge of honour and shows that you have cared for your cat. Pet cats only receive a small ear tip whereas a stray or colony cat will receive a more noticeable one.
The volunteer may be driving, working or unavailable for personnal reasons. Please, send a text message and someone will get back to you.
You could ask other neighbours to help financially or you can contact the residents association to see if they will help make a collection. We can provide the information needed to inform the residents association of how we operate, You could also organise a Facebook fundraiser for the KWWSPCA and every €50 raised will neuter or spay a cat. This allows people to help knowing their donation is going directly to the cats in their area.
All cats wander through their neighbourhood and usually visit a few houses for food. They have the ability to look starving even though they are cared for by others. If the cat is not neutered/spayed or looks pregnant, please contact us and we can get the cat checked for a microchip. If the cat is not microchipped, we can neuter or spay it but it must be returned to the place it was trapped.
There is little you can do other than donate the cost of the neutering/spaying. It is irresponsible to own a cat and not have him/her neutered/spayed as it creates hardship for the cat and your neighbours.
If your cat is not microchipped, then anyone can claim ownership. There is little chance of a cat being returned to its owner without a microchip.
All our cats are treated equally for homing. They are wormed, fleaed and vaccinated. They are neutered (M) or spayed (F) and microchipped. We ask for a home check or photo identity check which would be a passport or full drivers licence and an adoption fee of €100. If you are happy with this please call or text 089/4588162 to continue.
We don't take cats away for two main reasons:
  1. There is simply nowhere for them to go.
  2. If you remove the cats, it leaves a space that will be filled by other cats.

The best thing to do if you have a lot of cats is to ask for help from a Trap, Neuter, Return Group (TNR). There is a charge which is made for the veterinary costs. When cats are neutered and spayed they form a small colony that keep other cats out of their area.

The KWWSPCA have their own TNR Service and can deal with up to 15 cats in one go. They ask for €50 per cat and will stay with you until all the cats are caught. They will also come back if there are other problems such as sickness or injury.

Please call 089/4588162 if you wish to avail of this service.

Find more information on our TNR services here.